Day: August 5, 2015

David Cameron abroad

Fintech Manifesto from Innovate Finance given thumbs up by Cameron even though he isn’t keen on use of encryption use 1 Comment

The new manifesto called Innovate Finance Manifesto:2020 has been released by the industry organisation Innovate Finance and seeks to push the UK forward as a key player in the innovation of financial technology (FinTech) both within and outside the UK. According to the manifesto “Our vision for 2020 is for the U.K. to be the most investment-friendly environment for FinTech globally, attr...


Ethereum, the New Bitcoin 2.0 technology garners interest from Barclays and UBS 1 Comment

According to sources from Barclays, one of the UKs largest banks, both it and UBS are likely to be the first banks to begin experimenting with the new technology called Ethereum, which will be using bitcoin 2.0. This new technology provides a distributed computing platform running with an open-source code which means greater transparency and easier development of new systems to run with it and ...