Day: August 6, 2015

Bitcoin G7

Support for the appropriate regulation of bitcoin announced at the G7 summit in June No Comments

Support for an appropriate regulation of virtual currencies was announced at the Group of Seven (G7) summit which was help in Germany in June with the UK present as one if the representative. Along with the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron at the G7, which was held in Bavaria back on the 7th to the 8th June 2015, were heads of state from the largest economic countries in the world including Ger...

Bitcoin study

New bitcoin study finds that bitcoin users are either tech lovers or crooks No Comments

It isn’t easy to figure out exactly what motivates people to use unregulated cryptocurrency like bitcoin or what type of person they are although a bitcoin study has recently been released that tries to elaborate on just who these people are. Based on the various article regarding bitcoin users it may come as no surprise to many that according to data from this report distinct link have been mad...