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At newsBTC UK we are committed to bringing you the latest, more accurate news stories as they break. We expect these stories to generate a lot of debate, some of which will be in support of our authors’ views and some which will be opposed. It is also important to bear in mind that when a news story first breaks and is published there is always a possibility that changes may need to be made as the story develops.


We always welcome constructive comments and debate in relation to the content published by our authors. We do ask that all participants are mindful of the fact that the content could be subject to change as the stories develop and that this is reflected in their input. This is why we have a comments policy in place, the rules of which are:


  • We welcome criticism but will not tolerate abuse. If you do not agree with the content from authors make sure you let them know in a civilised manner


  • We will not accept swearing and profanities in the comments and any such language will be deleted


  • If you do notice any inaccurate information in any of the content, please let us know and provide details of what the inaccuracy is. Also, please provide a reference to back up your statement


  • We are keen to encourage debate amongst our users but not abuse. If you have any problems regarding any of the content please contact us to let us know along with your reasons so that authors have a chance to respond.


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