UK Users can Use Credit or Debit Cards to Purchase Bitcoin from Coinbase

It has been announced that Coinbase will now be accepting credit card and debit card payments from UK customer who are looking to purchase bitcoin. The new rules also apply to customers in Spain according to reports. Coinbase, which has its headquarters in San Francisco, is a bitcoin wallet and exchange service that operates in more than 25 countries. The company has been in operation since the middle of 2012.

The ability to use credit and debit cards to make purchases means that users in the UK and Spain can now benefit from instant access to bitcoin. Coinbase will utilise the 3D Secure protocol that has been developed by card giant Visa in order to ensure that the credit and debit transactions are secure. This is where the user has to enter a password so that their identity can be confirmed with the card issuer before the transaction and purchase is completed.

An official from Coinbase stated: “Since credit and debit cards will not require a customer to pre-fund their Coinbase account with a bank transfer, customers in the UK and Spain can now received bitcoin instantly.”

The company, which also revealed that it has now applied for a BitLicense, accepts MasterCard, Visa and Maestro transactions at present, all of which have to use the 3D Secure protocol. There is also a ‘convenience fee’ of 3 percent charged on all transactions that are made in pounds or euros. Coinbase officials also advise customers to check that their bank does support the 3D Secure protocol or simply try adding the card they wish to use to their account on Coinbase in order to determine eligibility.

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